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Student in New York

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We live in the midst of this pluralistic and surreal society that invokes themes, attitudes and faiths from every spectrum of life. Henceforth, they all manifest into events that can evoke different perspectives and allow a diplomatic or lack of censorship in speech from those who like or dislike that particular event.

Being that there are unconventional, taboo, distinct, and impactful occurrences throughout every continent, has enticed me to uphold a keen eye and take an idiosyncratic approach to delivering a range of news that will not only keep readers informed, but allow them to develop their own analysis of that particular occurrence.

The social media spectrum is comprised of a variety of news, and though any beat (topic) may adhere to a certain audience, it ultimately delivers the news that will have readers speculating and yearning for more that will keep them on their toes.

As a novice journalist attending college in New York, I've always ridiculed the news and its reporters that undergo strenuous efforts in divulging information that is fair, accurate and attainable. Of course, little did I know that our human nature is to fathom the many aspects of this diverse world and cease from speculating the unknown.

I've always had a cynical outlook on society and saw everything as antithetical to my conceptual belief in how society should conduct themselves. My intrinsic personality did not resemble a reporter; I was biased, bitter and self indulgent.

During these last two years, I've met and approached individuals from various backgrounds that have broadened my mindset as well as other experiences that have released me from the confinements of my obstinate mindset allowing me to express my sublimity on paper and for everyone to see, look and hear what keeps their adrenaline going in the early mornings of each day.

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