Armand Agbanssogbe EKLOU

Environmentalist, Project Manager, and Social Media Manager in Lomé, Togo

Armand Agbanssogbe EKLOU

Environmentalist, Project Manager, and Social Media Manager in Lomé, Togo

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Armand Eklou, Togolese, a dynamic civic development practitioner, social entrepreneur with special interests in Environment, Waste management, Sustainable Development Goals, youth education and development, Entreprenership, organic agriculture, a writer, a blogger, and a peace building advocate and humanitarian with over 5 years of experience in coordinating many projects.

Scout one day and forever, he possess qualities like integrity, perseverence, he's problem solver, good organizer and very relationship.

He possess special skills on waste management, organic agriculture, project management, community management, leadership, civic engagement, social enterprise, volunteerism, cultural intelligence and community development, having a consistent track record of working successfully with individuals and groups all within a variety of settings.

He trains young people in schools and churches on Sustainable Development Goals, eco-Citizenship, waste management, leadership. He's also train young entrepreneurs on waste management. He's a lecturer in the Sustainable Development Training Center of Leaders.

Volunteer for many organization such as Woelab (incubator who invent the first 3D Printer made with e-waste), Energy Generation, Scoutism, Junior Chamber International.

He has been a team lead for several social development projects and programs in different youth-driven organizations such as Global Water Database, Urbanattic, Scope, En-Value...; also have followers on social medias which have opportune him to reach a large space of young people and impact them on some thematic discourse on environment, waste management, eco-Citizenship and Leadership, with sole purpose to inspire, impact and equip more and more young people in Togo and in Africa within a space of three years.

He's passionate about seeing young people take up responsibilities with little or no input of the government in ensuring a growing economy with little or no deficit in building communities and turning low grade rural areas to a mega urban society. Also, he's passionate to build character, eco citizenship and confidence in young people while building a continent that's politically mature and economically strong.

After being National Coordonator Assistant of the project « Collect and Recycling of E-waste » in Togo, he actually launched his own startup Bethel Kebab which produces and sell wheat flour meat.

His leitmotiv is « Act Locally»; that’s the reason he work hard to be the change he want to see.