Armando Azevedo

Architect in Santa Cruz, Portugal

Having more than 20 Years in the UNIX, major points:

- Start a NEW TELECOM - = 100 Million PTE

- Design Site Disaster Recovery – for SIBS -

- Worked :

IBM/BES/Novo Banco

PT - now MEO

BP2S - UK Office - Hiport, Amanda, Autosys, etc




- Manager for Operation for EDP/Edinfor/ONI/clients

- Management of 2 Datacenter's for ONI TELECOM – with DR with TSM

- Create a DR site in AIX for SIBS

- Start a new Bank - BES London, design the new architect, and implemented in one weekend, during the week - assist to put everything up and running, Database Oracles, Oracle apps Applications, services, users, samba, nfs, scriptings

- Start a more Banks - for BES xxxxxx, during another week-end. The same as usual, it is not BAU but news servers, new networks, new virtualization, new services all around the year, in a couple of days – that is IMPOSSIBLE -- all that the job spec want a senior SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR HAVE IT.

Worked in projects in Brussels for ELECTRABEL, BELGACOM, doing system administration, creating new servers, doing some Storage MIgration, instalation for HP XP 9500 and migration for 400 unix servers, with Aix, HPUX, Sun Solaris O.S. with a team onsite for the client.

@ ZonOptimus, Lisbon Team DC Operations


Armando Azevedo

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P.S. The Photo in the background is for the Santa Cruz hideout, I will have always Santa Cruz, for the weekend, even when I am on call out solving problems for IBM PT, when my infamous colegueas are on holidays... :)

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