Armando Ruiz

Hello there all of you fellow travel fiends! My name is Armando, and I wanted to make this post to share with you guys some of my favorite travel experiences and recommendations on things to do while you are travelling! So, lets get started! this post is going to have some recommendations on some awesome places to stay while you are in the awesome city Chicago! the top on my list ( mind you that all of these are places that I have been myself) is the Elysian! I will share with you all a fantstic overview of the place from the poeple over at JustLuxe! " The lost art of travel. At what point did the thought of travel evoke images of electronic kiosks, snaking check-in lines and mediocre room service? We are not positively sure either. What we are sure of is that sometime over the past century, travel became so commonplace that we stopped treating it for what it is: one of life's greatest indulgences.

At the Elysian, they are dedicated to reviving the bygone era when travel was synonymous with luxury. When prompt attention from staff was not considered an amenity, but a common courtesy. When even a single overnight stay at a hotel was treated as a welcomed getaway from reality. Simply put, the Elysian is revitalizing luxurious hospitality and striving to create the world's most remarkable hotel experience." So if you have decided that you want to go to Chicago, and want to experience some of the nightlife there, then go ahead and give this a read!