Armando Espinoza

Copywriter, IT, and Administration in New York

Armando Espinoza

Copywriter, IT, and Administration in New York

In today's labor market, it's not enough to be master of one trade. After all, business isn't won solely by just focusing on marketing, or IT, or administration.

Just like how the modern business needs to be versatile in order to survive, you need a person that also understands the present-day unique challenges that come with the territory.

These are the ways that I help businesses:


Do you wonder how you get people to get interested in your product?

You have to get to know your audience and their problems so they have their "aha!" moment once they see the solution you're selling.

Now there's various ways to get to know your audience: surveys, Google Analytics/AdWords metrics, email open rates, etc. How can you cut a path through this jungle of information overload?

I have to knowledge and skills to guide you through it all. You'll find out:

- Why going after the "popular" keywords in AdWords actually diminishes your ad views, and find out a counter-intuitive way to "cheat the system."

- How to position your product. No one wants to buy your product! Really! Find out what really motivates people to buy, and differentiate yourself even if there's hundreds of competitors just like you.

I specialize in copywriting, which means I write various texts such as digital copy, whitepapers, articles, blog posts, email drip campaigns and more.


I would always be the point of contact for various C-Level executives while supporting them in daily office tasks and management.

I'd handle reports, mailings, bookkeeping, company writings, purchase orders, office supplies and more. I'd even overhaul office systems, which led to saving 100+ work hours and increasing document processing by 50%.

Contacting Me:

Feel free to call/text at (347) 448-3019, or click on the orange "Book a Consultation" button on top of this page to email me to see how my talents can help you.

P.S.: Check my copywriting samples here.

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    • Hunter College