Armando Rivera

Fort Myers, Florida

For years, I went from job to job wondering if I would ever find something that I could feel good about; that was helping people and fulfilling a purpose.

One day, while prepping veggies for the night shift at my restaurant job, I wondered...

"Does this mean ANYTHING to ANYONE?"
Knife in hand, I stood there mid slice, staring at a pile of onions when I realized: No it didn't!

A few days later, I was eating lunch with a friend when he mentioned how he was paid for writing an article for a health website. I thought about this a moment, almost dumbfounded. Get paid for words. That seemed to be good to be true.

Right then and there, I decided: I would become a writer and get paid for MY words.

And now...

I Am A Restaurant Line Cook Turned Freelance Writer.
So, what can a "Turned Freelance Writer" mean for You?

It means I can create words for you to help you solve real-life personal and business problems. Words can be your greatest asset or your worst liability, it all depends on how you use them. Crafting words that persuade is my passion.

Sure, writing the next Great American Novel would be awesome, unfortunately, that doesn't pay the bills. I'm more interested in short-form writing that serves a specific purpose. Sales letters meant to sell products. Resumes and cover letters meant to land you that dream job. Hell, I've even written dating profiles for clients to help them land dates.

That's what I love about this kind of writing: it gets results... and fast!

My passion is writing words that produce. Let me produce words that produce for you!

I look forward to working with you.

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