Armando Vinci

Omegawave and Posturometry in Napoli, Italia

Sport was my first passion. After many years I started to be curious respect to what happen into the body when we train.

My first approach with technology was about ten years ago. Omegawave help me to understand the invisible. The hidden part of the body.

I've worked with professional athletes, Medical Doctors, Consultants and my first idea was prevent injuries with costant informations for analyze life style and individual wellness.

This opened me other opportunities into the soccer teams and in USA. During a soccer team consultation, I've known the Lizard Platform, an electronic device that complete my assessment from a postural point of view. Through technology, I'm able to guide you through a 360 ° program to improve your well-being and optimize performance in life and in sports.

At this time, for me, "How are you?" isn't just a simple Question!

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