Armangelis Melendez

Student and Photographer in Puerto Rico

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Hi! My name is Armangelis Melendez Serrano - yes, my name so far is unique. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I am described by my fellow colleagues as a tireless worker, a charismatic individual, and a social person. I am currently a Communications student at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. I realized since my early years, that communications where my field to be. My passions include the photography, music, acting, and the social media; while my skills include talking in public, teaching, and imitating nationalities accents.

Short term plans include giving paid and unpaid photography services, teaching kids about communications, and finding new places and adventures to preserve in my memories. My favorite hobby so far is traveling. I am an adventurous soul that hunts for new places and new cultures. From food, to roller coasters, I am up for an adventure every time. Long term plans include finishing my Bachelor Degree and earning a Master in Communications with a concentration in the radio. I plan to work as a radio broadcaster while I continue exercising as an event photographer and any other opportunity that comes.

I am a believer that life is full of adventures and roads that we need to experience and from where we learn. In fact, memories are the ones that are never gone and that will always preserve the essence of what we are. "Because people will not remember you for what you did in your life, they will remember you for what you did in theirs."