Hiring Manager, Lead Transcriptionist, and Admin Asst. in Chittagong, Bangladesh

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The Man who literally dedicated his career to freelancing and believes inherits aptitude.

Yes. It’s me. After completing my post-graduation a corporate office or a desk of an Jnr. Officer should be the most inevitable space for me. A not so well-off salary or official designation of an ‘Officer’ is not what I wanted to see on the mirror. So, I decided. Choose something accepted a very unorthodox profession in a Third-World country like Bangladesh. I went for ‘Freelancing.’

Starting off as a Data_Entry person with the most renowned platform oDesk and got the first job after 3 months of relentless bidding in the year 2012. By the time 2013-2014, I gradually improved my skill as a professional Transcriber and proofreader and to my utmost surprise, my profile being enriched with 390+ oDesk hours keeping a 4.80* feedback rating. Wow! That’s the turning point. A new beginning for me and that’s the point when I started building up a solid career in Writing/Editing and moved to

Fortunate enough to evaluate myself as culturally sensitive writer, editor, and ESL teacher presently. I am the go-to person sought by others for my editing skills, administrative assistance, writing and creative process, and use many of my talents with local companies. While running the school I produced all curriculum, assessment materials, manuals and handbooks, and handled all promotional materials advertising and marketing., from Skype to video editing, whether for Mac or Windows .

My approach to my work is simple: keep the client satisfied by paying close attention to requirements, requests, and deadlines. I take pride in a job well done, and I will work with you to ensure that a job furthers your goals, whatever they may be.

Some people say that home is where the heart is; for me, home is wherever my laptop and Internet connection can be found.

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    • International Islamic University, Chittagong