Arman Mohamed

Segovia, Spain

Born and raised in India, living in Spain.

I'm constantly discovering new things about myself and the world around me. I believe in opening your mind and discovering new cultures. To give aspects of your own journey to others, learning from others' journey, and growing mutually. I believe in falling 7 times, stand up 8th.

I'm looking to work for the advertisement branch in the Indian tourism board to do exactly what I'm passionate about. I look forward to traveling around the world and keep on growing over the next few years, eventually settling down back home.

As part of my journey, i'm pursuing my degree in Communications at IE University, Segovia, Spain.

Do go through my various links below and contact me if you have questions.

  • Work
    • Communications Specialist
  • Education
    • Raffles International School, West Campus
    • American Intl. School of Chennai
    • IE University