Arman Nobari

Northern California

I'm a designer who's used to wearing a lot of hats. Growing up, I've always loved design - there's a story there, but suffice to say it's a huge part of my life.

I worked through college freelancing and designing in the aerospace industry. While there I invented, patented, and released open-source a design for a water purifier to help out the third-world, just 'cause.

During my studies at CSU: Sacramento, earning my Bachelors in Mass Media Communications, I taught myself how to paint. Shortly thereafter, I wound up doing a number of gallery shows between SF and London. My art has always had a charitable angle, and a significant amount of support and funding was raised throughout these events.

In 2013 I was selected as one of 20 of the world's emerging creatives to participate Google+20. Held at the Semi-Permanent LA conference, the collaborative design work from the event paired the group of attendees with design industry leaders. Here's an awesome video from the event:

Also in 2013, I held an event inspired by +20, called Sac30. This event iterated on what I experienced at +20, but expanded the headcount and focused on using design as a tool for improving cities of the future. A number of leaders and mentors from +20 joined in as well, and the event was a success. The design exercise I created for Sac30 ended up as part of a Gamestorming Design Kit that Google released, so other people can replicate events like these around the world.

Right after graduation I was hired at Whistle Labs. Now a Senior Visual Designer there, I handle the web, UI, marketing, and print design. The team at Whistle is amazing, and if you have a dog you should definitely check us out!

I talk about design so much because it really is a huge part of my life. In 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer, and my curiosity about design helped me through it. Thats heavy, I know. It's also, however, the reason why I'm so passionate about using design as a tool for good.

  • Work
    • Whistle Labs
  • Education
    • CSU: Sacramento