Armin Fallah


I'm a Computer specialist and a programmer.You need any programs send me an email.

Also I 'm a game developer but currently I don't have the time nor the means to work on any game right now but I think I have lots of ideas for a couple of games so looking forward for the time that I would be free enough to work on developing games.

As for my hobbies , I like listening Rap Music and playing Video games.I'm not the out-door type if you know what I mean.

Some specific information about my programming skills , Well I started with Visual Basic and I use VB for writing most of my programs.I also know C++ and C# but I'm not limited by language if someone needs a program with other languages I won't have a problem.

I'm not a Web-Developer YET , so I can't design a Web-Site but that doesn't mean I can't Create one , if you want somthing quick and cheap but also dependable , I can arrange one for you !

Well , i think that was pretty much everything.

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