Armin Fakouhi

Software Presales in Munich, Germany

Armin Fakouhi

Software Presales in Munich, Germany

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My name is Armin Fakouhi and this this is my story:

As an early child of Generation Y, I was born in 1981 and raised in Germany in a Persian family. Thus teaching me to be a chatty people person Persian on the one hand and a hard-working disciplined German on the other. After graduating from Germany's Top Business School University of Mannheim in 2008, I was offered to move to Boston, MA to work for SAP Labs LLC o work with a fantastic post-startup group - formerly called Frictionless Commerce - which is now part of the big SAP family. In 2014, I decided to move back to Munich, Germany and make the move to the cloud and work for Salesforce as a Solution Engineer for the Automotive industry.

The city of Boston has helped to evolve my passions to an even bigger level. I run to long distance races to help me get over my weakness for great food. I host a movie blog to find a creative output channel for my big passion in movies and entertainment. My new home Munich has taught me to love the mountains in every season - hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter as well as a new passion for Freeletics.

At the age of almost 35, I have learned a couple of things about myself:

I can achieve anything with discipline and passion

I thrive in diverse environments

I love all sorts of different food and movie adventures

I want to travel the world

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    • Salesforce
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    • University Mannheim
    • Kraków University of Economics