Armin Kessler

Hello, let me introduce myself.

I’m Armin Kessler, 50 + years old and living in the bay side suburb of Altona, Victoria, Australia. Married with a lovely wife and two children living at home.

So what is my background?

Growing up in Tasmania, around Devonport, was a great life and country lifestyle. Over the years I have done many roles, including: postman, Funeral Supervisor, Office Manager and even 11 plus years in the military with the Royal Australian Air Force. The later teaching me persistance, perseverance and leadership.

Why so many? Well like every one I was looking for the job that would provide my family and I the lifestyle I felt and knew we was deserving of.

In this pursuit, over the past 10 years I became involved in a number of Network or MLM companies, some of the worlds largest. These companies were great, but coming in when they were well established made it hard to get far without a large amount of effort and time commitment.

Recently, I have been shown a new start up company in the crypto currency market…… Coinspace

This company will using an infrastructure similar to that established by Bitcoin to launch their own crypto currency called ‘S Coin’

With the years of experience gained through the companies already mentioned it is my vision to help those who are astute and visionary to build a large network for themselves.

Working with you, we can share our vision with others to give you the dreams and lifestyle you also feel you are deserving of.

So please take a look at the attached link, which will introduce you to the very first networks marketing company in the world dealing in Crypto currency…..Coinspace