Armor Concepts

Nashville, Tn

A number of years ago, we were renovating properties in some “transitional areas”. We were victims of the belief that alarms stop thieves and other products making false claims. Door Jamb Armor was designed by an engineer to stop doors on our properties from being kicked-in because nothing else worked. We never intended to sell anything. False security cost us dearly so you can always count on honest representation of what our solutions will or will not do. Our patented and proven solutions are installed in countless apartment communities and homes across the United States and Canada.

Our products were designed by an engineer to put an end to a problem. We know more about securing doors than anyone on the planet because we thoroughly test every solution before we bring it to market. We know what breaks on a door when it is kicked because we have broken lots of them in testing. We know what works and we know what does not and we make it a point to tell you. Our protection designations are based on the results of our testing and are our way of letting you know exactly what you are getting. All of our solutions are thoughtfully and carefully engineered with maximum functionality and ease of installation in mind.

We offer you a choice of solutions because we know that all customers have different budgets, skill levels and security requirements. We do not try to sell you a product, we simply give you options and allow you to choose what works best for you. We encourage our customers to check out competitive company web sites before making a purchase because we know that there really is no comparison.