Armpit O. Death

Ancient, decrepit, high-function autistic (with a full kit of "rain man"-esque tricks & a tendency to curl up / rock under desks for no good reason) involved in all areas of technology, from industrial design to interior design, ICT to life sciences and beyond.

Regardless of my high function, the fact that I am quite a seriously afflicted autistic individual might elude many as I've been trained to act like a normal person, and I do a good job of it most of the time. How good? I've even worked in PR.

As you might imagine, I am a geek. And not the kind of geek who goes "Oh my god I'm such a geek" or writes twee articles like "Growing Up Geek" while actually emphasising what an ungeeky life I've lead. No, the kind of geek who built his first Intel 8080 computer from scratch, who currently has his own colocated private cloud and has his own H/PC clusters. Industrial-strength geek, you might say. Only without the B.O. and the odd sandals.


- stuff that makes noises. e.g. High-end speakers, headphones, audio gear, Italian V8's.

- overpriced clothing from douchebaggy labels (Probably on account of being a douche).

- cheese

Click on the gdgt link for an abbreviated overview of my personal / business-lite gadgets.

Don't click on the formspring link anymore. At the browser security levels I like to adopt, site won't let me log on.