Armstrong Equine Massage

Massage Therpay and Horse Massage in Becker, Minnesota

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Whether you want to pamper your pet or ask a lot of your athlete, Armstrong Equine Massage is here to help you. Armstrong Equine Massage provide massage therapy, Clinics and Certification program for Equine and Canine. We also provide Equine & Canine Massage Classes including certificate. Our Equine Massage Therapy covers following things.

– Massage

– Stretching

– Saddle fitting

– Horse handling

– Anatomy

– Biomechanics

– Essential oils

– Marketing, legal,Insurance

– Chiropractor demo

– Vet talk

– Farrier talk

– Nutrition

We Offer Services:

Canine Massage
Horse Massage
Equine & Canine Massage Therapy Class

Our Mission:

Armstrong Equine Massage provide you with an opportunity to learn the art of Equine Massage. It develop your touch and recognition of sore muscles in equine athletes. Armstrong Equine Massage build your confidence and enable you to apply these skills to any horse. We establish enhance communication between Massage Therapist, horse owner and other equine professionals, better serving the whole horse.

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