dawn franklin

My name is dawn, i am second to the youngest out of 7 children. i grew up with a very abusive father ( ex war vet ) who sold drugs and was a drug dealer, he rarely was home he was always in jail. My mom bless her heart was this loving tiny woman who loved my dad, ( she never finished the 8th grade) regardless of the physical abuse through the years. Her first husband by the way was the same way. I was always told that i would be a statistic ( pregnant and on welfare/ or drug addicted.) i had to grow up fast because i was told that being the oldest daughter that i had responsibilities in the house, so after school i had to go home cook dinner, clean the house while my older brothers were men, they dont do house work and of course my little sister was the baby so she didnt have to do anything. I have so much more to talk about but I think I will try for a book. anyways to the present. I have been serving my country (USA) since Nov 1996, I puerto rican, I just found out 3 months ago that my 5 year marriage is over, just this past july 2010, i thought my marriage was solid we are both military i cosigned for a home so that his va loan can get approved, now i am living in an apartment with my son, trying to get out of debt. if I had not moved out like, I would probably ended up in a nut house, I was in a hostile enviornment, accused of being unfaithful throughout my marriage, but never did. Never have. Our relationship got so bad that he started disrepecting me in front of his family. Even though i still love him, i cannot let him continue to treat me like he does. I have never cheated on him, but regardless of how hard ive tried to prove it to him he still accuses me of it. I would like to write a book about my life so that hopefully i can use that money to get out of debt, help my mother and brother and children and most inportantly provide for my little boy ( he can not take care of himself ) so that he wouldn't want for anything. . I have 6 years left in the military and hope to retire, and be able to live a long old age and enjoy my grandkids.