armyn carabet

Entrepreneur in Los Angeles, California

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Armyn Carabet is the CEO and Co-founder of ClickN KIDS, an educational publishing company that assists children with learning. Since Armyn and his business partner started the business back in 2003, they have been focused on filling in the gaps in our education, specifically early ed. Now, they team up with major retailers like Warner Brothers and Wal-Mart to build strategic relationships that make their products more readily available. As a husband and father, Armyn realizes the need to bring education into the home and he's proud that his product makes it more readily available. Click N KIDS started as an idea based on a missing need, now it has grown into CNKDigital and EPIK Learning with the variety of successful products they are able to offer today.

Armyn Carbet loves being a dad and raising his son and daughter. When Armyn isn't growing his company, he enjoys soaking up the California sunshine, skateboarding with his son, watching his daughter's dance performances and embracing an active lifestyle with his family.