Arnold Cheng

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am a communications and marketing specialist working primarily in the non-profit field and charities, specializing in online-, graphics-, video- and print-based marketing.

My current roles/positions include:

Community Connector for the Sam Sullivan Foundation's ConnecTra Society.

Online Marketing Specialist for, a global accessibility tool developed by the Rick Hansen Foundation.

My previous positions include:

Social Media Coordinator for ICORD, a research center on the Vancouver General Hospital grounds, affiliated with the University of British Columbia.

English language instructor for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

Freelance graphic designer and blogger.

I am currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- but I am also familiar with the following locales: Bellingham and northwestern Washington state, Los Angeles (Orange County), Seoul, Hong Kong.

I am fluent in English and spoken Cantonese, with written working knowledge of French and Spanish. I also have basic knowledge of German and Korean.

  • Education
    • University of British Columbia