Arnab Chatterjee

Arnab Chatterjee is a scientist/researcher specializing the subject - Aerospace Engineering. Despite having an early career start, is is now involved with the Royal Aeronautical Society, The British Science Association, NASA, JAXA (Japanese Aerospace and Exploration Agency) (The Japanese Space Agency), ROSCOSMOS (The Russian Federal Space Agency), DLR ( Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) (The German Aerospace Center & The Space Agency of Germany). Besides researching on space shuttles, he has his picture flown to The International Space Station in the historic Space Shuttle Mission - STS-135, through NASA's Face in Space Programme. He has also participated in the LIGHTSAIL project of The Planetary Society of USA and The IKAROS project of JAXA. Presently he is also involved with The SETI project of The University of California Berkeley which is being funded by NASA and The National Science Foundation of USA.