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Ocean..that's what Arnab means !!! So..a sense of wide-spread is attached to my very let's see if it attaches itself to the recognition part of my future or not..

I am in the East coast of India..Yes the country that has a 130 billion population !!!

Let's start with a bit of academics. Physics honors is what I am pursuing. By Gods grace..I've earned some 87% in X-standard board exams and 81% in XII-standard board exams and it yielded a 3rd list entry in a mediocre college of my state, and, not that one for sure. In fact..I've earned a scholarship of a meager 12 US Dollars per month from my state Government due my fabulous score-sheets in class X..but Guess what ??..haven't ever received a single penny from them.Why ??'s easy, the Government of my state is itself in debt of about 20 billion US Dollars all sources how come they have the chance even to spend for scholars..

Anyways..lets give you a sneak peak into my life on a bit personal level. Dad, Mom and me..these three elements constitutes the periodic table of my life and Girlfriends ??..No, I am single..and no specific reasons for that..

Soccer, Photography, Music, Physics and Mathematics is what I live with and I worship Eminem in music and Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer..

Now it's time to drench yourself in a bit of that stuff around which my life mainly revolves.'s Physics..

Now our syllabus patterns in India, a high-school student doesn't get a chance to introduce himself with what you may call proper science before IX-th standard. So not before class IX that I got a chance to do a bit of interaction with Physics as well as Mathematics and it was not a love at first sight for sure. These two subjects for me back then was not that much special..but with time, they became so. After 5 years, at the present time..Quantum mechanics, General relativity, Astronomy, Thermodynamics..these have became an inseparable part of my life.

There are a lot to tell and share..but there is alphabet limit here of 2500..and I am crossing it almost..

But I am leaving you with links to my Facebook and Twitter and Google+ Profile..and yes, I m a social network maniac !!! hahaha..

If you can add me to your social network..Thanx and Adios !!!