Arnaldo Mourino

New York - London - Geneva

With over 32 years of corporate finance, equity/debt financing and strategic planning experience.
Expanded into a broader area of project financing under the Carribean Basin Initiative of the US Federal Programme the CBI-936.; during his tenure, and was responsible for capital development in excess of $2 billion dollars.
Upon the completion of the program, he continued the pursuit of privatizing the applications of accessing capital development throughout the emergent markets of Latin America and Eastern Europe.
Co-established Americas Investment Group (AIG) until its emergence with the TRI-Group; to provide capital development solutions in the private and government sectors in collaboration with OPIC, STET, Latin American Development Bank, a part of the World Bank. Co-authored the financial conduit known as BIDCO (Business Industry Development Corporations); today applied by state level business development bureaus.

Over the years, continued to strive and cultivate time-tested concepts and applications of capital market raise with adapting securitization to access capital markets under various financial conduits and other innovative SPVs.
Currently dedicated in the development to Structural Investment Finances and the advanced areas of Alternative Investments to tailor a client’s business development needs, within specific industry sector(s), by staging capitalization from incubating an emerging enterprise through the evolution in capital market investments.

  • Work
    • Sr Managing Director
  • Education
    • Temple University - Havard Business School