Arnaldo Trabucco

Urologist, Doctor, and Surgeon in New York

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Arnaldo Trabucco is a urologist and urological surgeon who has been in practice for over three decades. He has helped hundreds of patients treat and cure their ailments of the urinary tract and related bodily components. Arnaldo Trabucco comes from a family with a long history of medical professionals; and he has contributed much to his field throughout his career in the forms of lectures, publications, media appearances and more.

As a doctor, Arnaldo Trabucco appreciate the necessity of getting proper amounts of physical exercise. For him, he enjoys getting his cardio in the pool. Swimming has always been a hobby of his as well as a chosen form of exercise. Swimming is not only good for cardiovascular and respiratory health, but it is also great for a number of different muscle groups that get plenty of use while swimming laps.

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