Arnatt Klinsong

Permaculturist and Project Manager in Pak Chong, Thailand

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Farming is my hobby. We grew up in the suburb of Bangkok where most Thais live their lives in small farming communities. Our garden caretakers used to bring our family the fruits from our garden as payment for letting them use the land to grow food and sell the extra. Life was simple then.

From those days forward, I grew to love and learn various aspect of agriculture, in both US and Thailand. As a hobbyist and commercial farmer, I had tried Organics, Hydroponics, and recently I am starting to learn and practice sustainable permanent agriculture, Permaculture, on my land in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.

I am also a trained electrical engineer and computer science major from University of Illinois at Chicago. Recently, I earned an MBA from Sasin Graduate School of Management. I spent the major part of my life doing technology stuffs for a telecommunication company. I focused mainly on system engineering for the telecommunication industry. I had deployed system worldwide. It was afun job while it lasted. I am also still tinker with small electronics, and play around on the computers and the Internet. Occasionally, I provided technical consultation for projects as freelance.

I am open to new ideas, specially one which will offered sustainable practice to our everyday life.

Photography, SCUBA, camping, and hiking are also some of my other activities.

  • Work
    • Nakhon Ratchasima
  • Education
    • Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration Chulalongkorn University
    • University of Illinois at Chicago