Marseille, France

I am currently Associate Professor at University Hospital Nord, in Marseille, Aix Marseille University. My clinical activities are focused on the treatment of hearing loss, vertigo, facial palsy and skull base and CPA functional and tumoral processes.
I had the chance to carry out a PhD on the biomechanisms of the middle ear focused on active middle ear implantations, concurrently with Pr Herman Jenkins and Daniel Tollin at University Colorado Denver. Thus, my research activities are mainly focused on the development of new auditory implants (strategies, surgical coupling, optimization, improvement and developpment of new devices) in the Laboratory of Applied Biomechanisms (IFSTTAR UMR T24), which hosts the unique French Laser Doppler Vibrometry Platform.
From a teaching perspective, I was involved in the organization of the Transmedeast European Diploma for Otology, Endoscopy and Skull Base surgery, which merged 8 universities of the Mediterranean area trough a common visio-conference teaching network (

  • Work
    • University Hospital Nord, Aix Marseille University
  • Education
    • Aix Marseille University of Medecine