Arnaud Massé


I have been happily bringing innovative web technologies to live for the greater part of a decade now. I chose to work in web technologies because on Internet, a tiny start-up can truly make a difference. It can simply outperform and outsmart bigger and wealthier companies... Who wouldn't want to achieve that ? I had the chance to achieve that in my carreer, and I loved the way it feels !

I enjoy both the technical part and the entrepreuneurship experience.

I recently founded Waobe. Our goal is to continue creating innovative web apps and at the same time, provide help to start-ups.

Waobe's team is currently working on the project is an innovative solution for handymen and builders of any level. They'll find advice, tools and helping hands to succeed in their projects. If you're curious, please visit :

Once we find the right partners, our next project will be an innovative program to help project-holders and early-stage start-up... stay tuned !

To know more about us or to contact us, email me directly or the Waobe team at



  • Work
    • Founder & CEO @ Waobe
  • Education
    • Some french bunisness school