Arnaud Maynadié

Paris, France

Born in the 80s, I'm passionated by innovation and new business model conception in the well-being and educational fields.

My business hobby horse for 4 years now relies on the integration and accomplishment of gen Y and Z ( from 13 or 30 years of age) in their educational and professional life. With educational consultants all over the French territory, my company, Talenvia, is today providing services such as College Orientation, Professional Orientation and Coaching in public speaking for those generations.

I'm a strong defender of global thinking. I do believe that humanity today needs constant innovation in services. This innovation must come from ressources, knowledge and skills sharing.

Designing a great future will come from people together. Knowledge is everywhere today: through web medias, global encyclopedia, online tutos, etc. The thing is that we must not only consider what we learn, but also how we learn, and WHY WE ARE MAKING FUTURE GENERATIONS LEARN. I do consider they must learn to be creative, to be different, to be proud of themselves. I consider the future role of educators must be to show them the path to be themselves. I believe in a society where citizens learn to love themselves. Because I believe this is how will make them love the people they're living with.