Arnaud Baczkowski

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

As a Master of International Business candidate with over 3 years of experience, I love solving business problems and challenges faced by global organizations. This is my credo.

I used to work for WeTeachMe in Australia - such an incredible experience and so much fun along the way!

Holistic and dynamic by nature, I enjoy traveling the world to discover new culture. I have now visited more than 25 countries and it keeps growing up!

I speak French, English and Spanish and I am fluent in the functional areas of management, marketing, strategies, and social media.

■ I love big, new ideas.

■ I have a passion for social media; I have helped startups to build a social media presence track the effectiveness through analytics.

■ I have traveled to many countries and I deeply value how those experiences have changed my perspective on the world.

■ I began working as a student when I was 16 and it taught me humility which I believe is very important.

■ I am known to be the person who always has a smile, even when things get tough.

I enjoy building new professional relationships. Please reach out if you want to talk business or incredible travels!

  • Work
    • Weteachme
  • Education
    • Hult Int
    • Toulouse Business School