Arnaud Rijkeboer

Manager and CEO in Lima, Perú

Arnaud Rijkeboer

Manager and CEO in Lima, Perú

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I´m a Dutch Tech Entrepreneur in Peru. Although it´s definitely not the easiest place to be in Tech, there are many opportunities here to solve problems. I am actively involved in the Startup Ecosystem, contributing wherever possible.

After spending an exchange year in Peru in 1999, I decided to come back in 2005, quitting my stable job at KLM in the Netherlands. Why? I am not completely sure anymore, just that I thought: "it´s now or never" and "I don´t want to become old and regret I did not do it".

I started a couple of different companies here, with mixed success:

- Estrategias Moviles Peru: the Peruvian branch of a Colombia based VAS (Ringtones, SMS) company which was a novelty in Peru when I started it.

- Tedexis Peru: the Peruvian branch of a Venezuelan Mobile Marketing and Solutions company

- A lead generator for Higher Educational Institutions. I spent 7 years as CEO of the company and, although we had moderate success, I could not get to company to grow and expand, even though we were part of accelerators like 500 Startups in Mexico.

I am currently in charge of, part of (like, but in LatAm). Papayapass takes care of ticketing for entertainment and cultural events like concerts, theater and circus. I am redefining the product and getting it read for growth! A great company to be part of, with great people and great opportunities!

It´s always tough to be dedicated at work and at home as well. Although it is challenging, It´s a must to be home when, like me, you have small kids. I love doing crazy things with my little son, he always finds a way to get a smile on my face and adore my daughter who is always happy to see me.

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