Doctor and Teacher in Bordeaux, France

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I'm a 35 old dentist, currently living in Paris (and more precisely in the neighborhood of Montmartre)

I Love : my job, my family, my friends, Paris, Bordeaux (my hometown), Tango, swimming pools, Books, Digital photography, social networks and brushing my teeth three times a day (yeah, that's called "positive thinking", folks).

I also like : wine, whisky, coffee, cheese, apple pie, apple crumble, apple strudel, apple tart, pancakes, chocolate (but honestly, who doesn't ?), David Lynch's Movies, Zombie Flicks and Philip K. Dick novels.

I Don't like : being late, traffic jams, cauliflower (but, honestly, who does ? I mean seriously...), techno music and having to wait. I hate waiting lines, waiting rooms, waiting signs, waiting periods and above all : lines on hold.

I also really don't like : drugs (it's bad), illness (it's sad), poverty (it's unfair), death (it's depressing), graveyards (makes me think of death), rain (makes me think of graveyards) and war (you know, regarding the deadly part).

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