Arnav Vohra

Blockchain Obsessor in India

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Arnav believes in the Japanese concept of Ikigai.
Hence he tends to strike a balance between four things when doing anything in life - what he loves, what he is good at, what he can be paid for and what the world needs.
Blockchain technology and the future it promises fits all four of the above. Hence, everything related to Blockchain is dear to his heart.
He is currently working on his own Blockchain projects with a small team.
He writes about Blockchain on Quora, where he is a top writer for the same.
He also has a youtube channel, where he publishes his learnings as well as conversations with people passionate in the field.
If you are looking for any Blockchain consultancy : technical or business use-case wise then he is the go to guy.
He can be contacted at where he replies back instantly.