Arnel Ricafranca

Arnel Ricafranca entered the fitness scene for the first time by transforming his own body and posting daily updates throughout his journey for the world to see. Millions of people watched his body transformation while inspiring them to do the same thing. Arnel also publishes an online fitness newsletter called "Abs Secrets" that is enjoyed by half a million readers in over 170 countries. In additional, Arnel was awarded by the "President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports" for helping America get fit and healthy. He is constantly researching new and innovative training strategies from reading over 527 research papers, training hundreds of in-person clients, and working with thousands of clients online. He has a degree in Exercise Science with multiple personal training and nutrition certifications to boot. His goal is to provide you with the most effective workout system to accelerate fat loss through real research and real life testing. For more info, visit