Arnold Kirschner

I am the creative, skilled retoucher and photographer because of
my story.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and now living on Long Island and living the dream. At the age of eight while at Camp Ramapo, after taking my first photographs with an Ansco and developing the film, the time came to make that first print. There it was, in my tray becoming visible on the surface of that wet paper, a piece of time. It was magic. A scene, a story, a moment that belonged to me. Everyday I am that eight year old, filled with the magic of capturing that moment of time. I decided then, that is what I want to do. As time went on I realized that I can change the photograph afterward and make it more of what I wanted. With the advent of the digital age, I discovered that the boundaries of my photographic expression and what I'm requested to do by my clients is now limited only by my imagination and skill. It is magic plus, with a star!

Today I am a highly ranked Image Post Production Artist (technical for retoucher and color correction) working on a wide range of subject matter from Automotive, Products, Fashion, Beauty, Architecture and others used in advertising (print & on-line) for high profile clients and some of the finest museums in the United States.

My love of photography, and using it as my form of artistic expression is more vibrant today than ever and that eight year old kid is alive, well and still excited about the magic that never ends.

I now also share my experience and expertise as an instructor with a seminar called "Photoshop for Photographers From Camera to Print". I absolutely guarantee you will "get it". Go to: for registration information. It is a one-on-one or given to small groups of no more than four.