Arnie Nunez

Arnie Nunez

I enjoy helping people help themselves! Leadership is about putting others before yourself.

I've played soccer for most of my life and have coached both competitive and recreational soccer for over 20 years. I love to bow-hunt, golf, and spend time with my family!

For most of my career I've been fortunate to train and motivate men identify, refine, and move towards accomplishing their goals. As men, we are built to be leaders and as we enter the "real" world we become leaders. Unfortunately, most men don't realize that they're leading and therefore lead without any purpose.

My career as a Water Manager allows me to not only help people with emergency flooding needs, but it has also allowed me to help train a staff to become passionate about what they do and become leaders of their associates. These skills transform their personal and professional lives.

As a distributor for USANA, the passion comes from helping others achieve their health and financial goals but also teaching them how to become leaders with purpose, developing others to do the same.