Laarni Operaña

I'd like to be called by my short name - Arnie.

The youngest among 4 siblings in the family. I'm into music. I'm not content just listening to it, playing keyboards is sometimes my anti-emo and -stress. I'm a servant of God, through media and music at church. Doing the alto part is always I want to do whenever I can...whenever I can hear it. :p I'm a desktop publisher/graphic artist, at work. An amateur photographer, likes to travel whenever I have the opportunity, a nature lover who always adores and captures the beauty of God's creations. A non-pro athlete. I always get myself involved in physical activities, indoor or outdoor. I'm a mountaineer, who loves the challenge of every trail which brings me up to summit, a biker and a runner, on and off road....

Life is beautiful, but it makes no sense when you live it's nothing without God. :)