Arni Fannar

I'm an indie author in the process of self-publishing my first novel.

In 2002, at the age of 22, I enrolled in the University of Iceland to do BA studies in sociology. With that I was pretty much abandoning my previous plans of pursuing a career either in film making (whether that would be in directing, acting, screenwriting, or editing), or graphic design (having entered those studies in Florence in 2000, but then abandoned them after a year). I completed my BA and then went on to do an MA in Sociological Research at the University of Essex, in England. Since I figured that the Master’s degree would make up for it if didn't do the full 90 ECTS in sociology for my BA, I decided to minor in Icelandic; language and literature. That involved courses on writing, as well as studies on Icelandic folklore and Nordic Mythology. This combination of studies became an inspiration for what would end up being my creative outlet of choice: writing fiction, as a fusion between mythology and sociology.

Once I had finished my MA studies in England in 2006, I reluctantly moved back to Iceland. In 2008 I got a position at Statistics Iceland, in the division of Business Trends and Structure. That year I also started writing obsessively in my spare time. Now, in 2016, I have a finalized manuscript for a novel that I am on my way to publish myself. I’m also going to put up more of my writing on my website [], where visitors will be able to read it for free.