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Arnita Tucker-McFarland

Arnita Tucker-McFarland is a Workforce Development Specialist- instructor for Mt. Hood Community College and WorkSource Portland Metro and, a Layoff Transition Specialist /Rapid Response Liaison for the Dislocated Workers Program in Portland Oregon. She is a National Speaker, Certified Motivational Career Coach (CMCC) and creative spirit.

Arnita is extremely creative and skilled at research and curriculum development. She is an engaging and energetic workshop facilitator. She has developed regional classes and workshops to meet demand and emerging need (Surviving Job loss, Career Explorations, Sustainable & Green Office Practices, Social Networking for Job Search, Transferable Skills, What’s In Your Marketing Kit, Identifying, Developing & Cultivating Your Network and, Green Careers Exploration). Arnita has passionately and successfully assisted hundreds of companies, organizations, school districts and thousands of dislocated workers and their families’ transition through jobs loss, layoffs and closures. She is sensitive to the needs of workers during the emotional challenges and transitions often associated with job loss. She thrives on insuring awareness of and access to services and resource and, providing navigational assistance with the often times complex, chaotic and burdensome road back to work. Arnita is an accomplished and innovative instructor and, a nationally Certified Motivational Career Coach (CMCC) who delivers services with engaging and supportive energy. Arnita serves on Mt. Hood Community College’s Access and Diversity Committee which works to increase awareness and diversity throughout the college. Arnita has over 15 years experience in social services, workforce development and teaching and training. She holds a BS in Social Science, graduate studies in public administration, and specialized training in management and leadership development, mediation and dispute resolution and intercultural communications.