Arno Snydert

Financial Consultant, Investor, and Writer in South Africa

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I'm a Financial Consultant, Investor and Writer.

I am passionate about:

1. Helping others better manage their personal finances so they can escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom,

2. Making money through my own unique investment strategies (not only for myself but also for others) in order to let money do the hard work for you, instead of having to do the hard work yourself, and

3. Writing books in an easy-to-follow manner in which anyone can learn step-by-step how to escape the rat race and live a life of Real Money Freedom, by just applying a few simple wealth rules.

Financial Freedom (and escaping the rat race) is very important to me. My goal in life is not only to achieve financial freedom myself, but more importantly to help others achieve financial freedom, so that they can live a life of abundance.

To me, Financial Freedom means having the time, health and money to be able to follow your heart in life and spend your time doing what you love. In my opinion, achieving Financial Freedom is the fastest way to creating a better world for everyone to live in, because once you don't need to worry about money anymore then you can finally focus all of your energy on the things that really matter in life.

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