Arnobio Antonio da Silva-Junior

professor in Natal, RN, Brasil

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My name is Professor Arnóbio

I teach at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte located in Petrópolis, Natal-RN, Brazil.

My area of specialization uses pharmaceutical technologies extensively. I supervise over 20 students which includes undergraduate, master, and PhD students.

I focus on Research and Development, specifically nanotechnology for animal and human therapeutics.

Please feel free to explore my Brazilian academic Lattes (equivalent to a VITA) online. There you will see all my most important and recent scientific contributions, articles, and patent applications.

As regards my most recent papers on nanotechnology I invite you to read my lattes at

In my spare I would like to one day be able to surf, for now I am entertain myself with Jiu Jitsu. I am married, have two children and live in one of the central neighborhoods in Natal…I enjoy my family time specifically when we go to the beach and parks to explore nature. We are very in tune with our environment and take great pleasure discovering new things and undertaking great adventures with our children.