arnold cunningham

Student in Florida

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hi i'm luke and my pronouns are they/she.


> even bech næsheim (skam)

> arnold cunningham (the book of mormon)

> luke skywalker (star wars)

> cordelia (falsettos)

💕major kins💕

> peridot (steven universe)

> wendla bergmann (spring awakening)

> marius pontmercy (les miserables)

> evan hansen (dear evan hansen)

💕minor kins💕

> luna lovegood (harry potter)

> vincent freeman (gattaca)

> maureen johnson (rent)


> jim halpert (the office)

> gabe lewis (the office)

> emmet brickowski (the lego movie)

> robin (the lego batman movie)

> veronica sawyer (heathers)

> max caulfield (life is strange)


(please tag.)

> self harm

> suicide

> abuse

> my fears: spiders, needles, thunder/lightning, clowns, other insects, being buried alive, abandonment

> gore

💗don't follow if💗

> you fit the normal dfi criteria

> you share a name with any of my IDs

> you're a double of any of my kins/IDs

💘💘i'm a nonbinary lesbian, mentally ill, and wiccan, so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't follow💘💘

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