arnold cunningham

Student in Florida

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hi my name is luke!!

i'm a nonbinary lesbian and my pronouns are they/she

💕current interests💕

- musicals (the book of mormon, falsettos, spring awakening, etc.)

- skam


- hayley kiyoko

- andrew rannells

💕DO NOT follow if💕

- you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc.

- your name is luke

- you are a terf

- you're against self diagnosis

- you believe there are only two genders

- you're kin with: melchior gabor, connor murphy, heather chandler, anyone from hamilton. some exceptions can be made but dm me first

💕additional information💕

- i am mentally ill and i talk about it a lot so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't follow

- i love attention and making new friends so dm me if you'd like

i am also fictionkin!

please don't follow if you're a double of any of these unless specified

🌟- ID (actually me)

🌙- major kin

💫- minor kin (okay to follow)

✨- questioning

🌟arnold cunningham - the book of mormon

🌟cordelia - falsettos

🌟luke skywalker - star wars

🌟even bech næsheim - skam

🌙marius pontmercy - les miserables

🌙vincent freeman - gattaca

🌙wendla bergmanm - spring awakening

🌙evan hansen - dear evan hansen

🌙maureen johnson - rent

💫peridot - steven universe

💫luna lovegood - harry potter

✨jim halpert - the office

✨gabe lewis - the office

✨robin - the lego batman movie

✨emmett - the lego movie

💕canonmates found💕

tbom - kevin price, connor mckinley, elder poptarts

falsettos - marvin, mendel, jason, trina

deh - zoe murphy, jared kleinman

spring awakening - moritz stiefel, ilse neumann

lapis lazuli

les mis - enjolras, grantaire, eponine, cosette, joly

harry potter - sirius black, remus lupin

💕more kin stuff💕

- it's okay if you're against it but i'm super insecure abt being fictionkin so please don't harass me about it or anything

- if you're kin with any characters from the same sources and i haven't found them, let me know!

- i love being called any of my kin/id names, especially if we're from the same canon




-self harm