Arnold Frans

Arnold Frans

Spend 19 years more as a man behind the hearing aid, Former Earmold Maker, Acoustician and Marketing Supervisor at King Aid Indonesia, now known as PT. Alat Bantu Dengar Indonesia (ABDI / Hearing Solution), Branch Manager at Jogjakarta Office, Audiological Hardware and Software specialist, and now as Customer Relation and Equipment Manager.

A man who have a big passion to work for deaf children, Interested in children hearing assesment, children hearing aid fitting, evaluation and verification, Cochlear implant Mapping, Cochlear Implant Objective Measurement and verification, always having fun with Tympanometri, OAE, ABR, ASSR, eSRT, AcousticalSRT,eABR, audiometry, BOA, FFT unaided aided, VRA and many things related to hearing assesment.

did a bit of Neuromonics tinnitus assesment, Audiofitness on cochlear implant project and Audiofitness trainer.

A man who love his job very much, “ Helping children with hearing loss to make them hear and open their world…. this is great experience that everybody should have it once…. i'm happy and proud that i got this opportunnity everyday and so many times with them. “

A man who love anything related with instrument, computer, fascinating on history, Art, mobile photography, drink coffee milk (specially made by my wife) and black tea many glass per day, enjoying hiking and mountain biking, also anything related to adventure and outdoor activity things, and try always as many as possible make a small trip with family during a day off.

” I love My Job..!!! how many people can say that??? “