Lindsey Arnold

Higher Education Professional and Podcaster in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Lindsey Arnold is the creator, founder, and host of Adam's Rib Podcast. God has called Lindsey to this unique ministry and the only one of its kind in Indianapolis, IN. It is Lindsey's goal that Adam's Rib touches the lives of all women from all walks of life through God's Holy Spirit and truth. She's dedicated to helping women find their God given purpose and uplifting God's kingdom through this podcast and outreach. It is Lindsey's prayer that God uses her as He sees fit and to provide a thought-provoking and powerful podcast. In addition to the podcast, Adam's Rib is a women's ministry which uses the power of blogs, outreach, and community service to share the gospel with other women.

Lindsey Arnold was born and raised in Indianapolis and is a graduate of North Central High School. She is the youngest of three girls and was raised in the church of Apostolic faith. She's dedicated to women's empowerment, higher education, and giving back to the community. She attended Ball State University for her Bachelors and Nova Southeastern University for her Masters. She's currently an Associate Director at a university and has volunteered her time with the Bloom Project as Career and College Director. In addition to conducting philanthropic events for her community. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis, going to the gym, volunteering, and planning purposeful events and activities for women.