Arnold Valentino

Student, Nurse, and Counselor in Redwood City, California

I am a public servant. I am currently a full-time nursing student at San Francisco State University who is one year away from earning my BSN. I currently work for a non-profit that provides housing and services for the mentally ill. I am also the current Nursing Students' Association - Sequoia Campus President.

I facilitated aid to needy families especially the elderly and disabled. My previous job titles include: Benefits Analyst for the Human Services Agency for the County of San Mateo, Representative Payee for Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services for the County of San Mateo, Clinical Medical Assistant, Assistant Store Manager and a Sales Associate.

I was born in Manila, Philippines and studied at Ateneo de Manila University. I like to travel, read books and participate in epicurean tours.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Cheska.

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