Arnt Eriksen


True digital at heart; Executive Creative Director, Global speaker, Founder & Curator of rethink conf, Gadget-geek, family dad, enjoys all beauty in life, nature and love.

“I belive the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve”

I’ve been working as a Creative for more than 20 years, with special focus on digital- and social media marketing since 2007 - done through the position of Creative Director. Some see me as the “missing link”, the hybrid, that understands creative ideas and strategies and how to implement them and use new media as a catalyst in a cross-channel approach.

I'm also an experienced speaker covering topics of the future of advertising, the BrandYou economy, Cross-Channel marketing, and more.

It's about giving the attendees the experience of my own marketing principles of today: Find - Like - Love in an innovative and fully integrated converged-channel approach to make them rethink marketing for tomorrow.

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