Ashley R.

Atlanta, Ga

In my business experiences, I am an inquisitive mind with a drive to make improvements in business and customer relations. I am a strategic innovator by helping business modernize with the latest technologies, developing new marketing plans for their target consumers, and by increasing efficiency in their business operations. I have generated over $200,000 in revenue for the company through e-mail marketing in a two year period. I have also successfully navigated my way through the civil court systems, criminal court, and mediation, with positive outcomes in most situations. I have worked one-on-one with patients in a dental practice, helping them to navigate their insurance benefits and the time line of their treatment. The customers trust me because I have an open ear, and the company can see that I always keep their best interest in mind.

Personally, I understand the importance of hard work and determination and with that I was able to pay in full for my college education. I also understand the importance of empathy and compassion and that is why I am looking to move my career into a field where I am able to truly help the community, especially children. I would also love to obtain a position in the hospitality field or expand my knowledge of the legal field while working with a law office or within the court system.

Also, I have started blogging! This is a new adventure for me and I hope to keep it up. I started the blog in part to help others realize they are not alone with it comes to dealing with alcoholism. The other reasons are purely therapeutic. =)

Overall, I am excited for the future and look forward to new experiences!

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    • Bachelors of Business Administration