Alex Roche

Human Rights Advocate and Political Analyst in New York

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Alex is Spanish by origin and an internationalist Europhile by principle. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

He is currently Senior Program Officer at Parliamentarians for Global Action's Gender, Equality and Inclusion Program in New York.

Alex has worked as a lawyer, strategy consultant and human rights campaigner. He holds a master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and 'licenciaturas' in Law and Business Management from ICADE.

He is a co-founder of the DosMillonesDeVotos campaign, which has successfully defended and promoted democratic participation of Spanish citizens living abroad.

Alex reads and writes about what inspires and drives him – human rights, democracy, social justice, international relations, history and politics. Other passions include 'fútbol' (meaning Real Madrid), films, TV shows, literature and his pug, Özil.

You can check out what Alex writes and shares on his blog, his online notebook on Tumblr and his Twitter –@alejandro_roche.

Outside of these personal sites, he has been published in Spanish outlets CTXT, Jot Down,, esglobal and Agenda Pública. In English, he has written for Amnesty International and The Huffington Post's global section.

Alex has appeared on different radio stations and TV networks as a political commentator, including Al Jazeera America and 8tv.

He is also an amateur photographer and avid traveler. You can check out some of his photos from around the world on his Flickr.

He is not so sure it was a good idea to write about himself in the third person. Anyway, you can say hi to him (me!) at