Adam Rodgers

Well, Im a 20 year old, kid that grew up all sorts of different. Spoiled by grandparents, divorced parents, thought my dad was treating me like a "slave" but in all reality all he wanted was me to not end up the lazy junky i was until this morning... my mom is the greatest mom i could ask for, she might like to party, but her raising me helped me to be able to survive "street" life. I grew up in a "little" hick town called Warren PA, but each day i realize that this place hides many secrets. My new life goal is to either use my intelligence, love of music, and rhythm to make amazing hip hop and/or rock out some drums or else I want to be me, whatever i end up as, is what i want to do in all reality. Im not trying to be famous or anything, but i have done some crazy ignorant, fun, stupid, yet amazing stuff in my life, and i think people hearing a little about what ive done or can do, would help them through their struggles and maybe, just maybe i could actually point someone elses life in the right direction.