Aroha Couture

Aroha Couture is my business label, I design a wide variety of elegant bridal and formal dresses for manufacturers and brides that want something new for their special day. Every dress is designed completely from the ideas in my mind. I am a huge fan of elegant A-line dresses as well as fishtail or cinderella dresses full of fantastic detail!!

My designs are ready to be used by manufacterers now, in february i will be settling down in my hometown in New Zealand and finding a fabulous dressmaker to make my fashion label to sell worlwide through my new website that is in the making :)

My passion started because of my uncle. He gave me determination to follow my dreams and draw things I enjoy, when I began drawing I started drawing dresses and soon realised designing dresses was what I wanted to do. I am currently looking for manufacturers to buy my designs!! If you know of anyone wanting a designer then contact me on 07825146633. Or email me on