Aroma Mediterranean Restaurant

Aroma Mediterranean Restaurant offers guests the taste and sounds of European culture in London, Ontario. The restaurant’s menu includes a variety of dishes from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, and the south of France. The Aroma Calamari is one highlight on the menu. A favorite of owner Felipe Gomes, the dish features calamari stuffed with chorizo, mushrooms, and seasoned breadcrumbs covered in ardalucian sauce. Guests at Aroma Mediterranean can also enjoy fresh seafood caught off the shores of Portugal and Spain, among several other options.

Guests experience much more than food when they visit Aroma Mediterranean. Live entertainment—including opera, flamenco, Fado Portuguese musicians, Spanish guitarists, and jazz performers—fill the restaurant on the weekends. In addition, diners can also enjoy the Adega Lounge, a wine cellar that houses 1,000 vintage wines from all over the world.

Opening two years after the restaurant, the 18th-century inspired cellar features wine storage in Middle Eastern antique furnishings and a floor vault holding more than 200 bottles. When the summer comes around, Aroma Mediterranean Restaurant offers horse and carriage rides to couples, providing downtown views of the Forest City. The food, entertainment, and atmosphere provide old world charm, but Aroma Mediterranean Restaurant offers modern, hi-tech options as well. In addition to the dining room and courtyard, the restaurant has space for corporate team building and a conference room that accommodates up to 30 people.

The owner, Mr. Gomes also provides an innovative dining experience to his guests using web technology. During their meal, groups can interact with loved ones from across the globe as long as the distant relatives also have the technology in their home. The on-site conference room is wired for sound, creating a unique opportunity for loved ones who may rarely see each other.